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We thank you in advance for your patience and your cooperation. We are committed to continuing to provide all aspect of foot and ankle care for all of our patients. Our Team is Committed to bringing back the word Care in Patient Healthcare!

There is no other specialty that knows more about the deformities and ailments of the foot and ankle. Our doctors have a special interest in treating bunions, heel pain, ankle injuries and achilles tendon problems. Orthotics are used extensively for treatment of many foot problems like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and neuromas. We also treat skin and nail disorders, such as athletes foot and ingrown toenails. Our goal is to keep our patients active and working and able to maintain their active lifestyle. Our Doctors have over 36 years of experience combined.


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That is why we offer the highest standard of care in podiatry. We seek to make your visit simple, stress-free, and effective! It is our goal to resolve your pain and function issues in a way that allows you to live the life you are accustomed to.

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Did you know the average person takes about 10,000 steps every day? That is a lot of stress on your feet! And when you consider the array of surfaces and inclines that people walk on, you can see how foot pain can be a common ailment.

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The musculoskeletal system of the feet, ankles, and lower legs involve many different parts that have to work together in unison to create smooth and pain-free movement. If any of these parts are not functioning properly, the whole system can suffer!

We love Dr. Nagata - her manner is very patient and caring, and she takes time to give personalized care. Dr. Floyd is good too.

M M.

I am very appreciative of Dr. Nagata! She helped me fully understand my options, feel at ease with my situation and answer all of my questions. She is kind, professional and I am thankful to be in her care. Also the office staff is very polite and helpful!

Chantel T.

Dr. Floyd is an amazing doctor - highly recommended. I took my 13-year-old son here this week to get ingrown toenails trimmed back and fixed, and Dr. Floyd did a wonderful job. He was attentive, kind, gentle, and very good. I've been the three other podiatrists for myself, and I've never seen anybody take so much care and provide so much personal attention. Highest recommendation!

Tim B.

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